About Joncia Gardens

Joncia Gardens is a privately owned garden, and also our home, which has been evolving since 1992 from a bare paddock. We could see the potential of transforming this barren sandy block into our own personal paradise. A dam was dug and a bore was installed, to make us self sufficient with our water. To the sandy soil we incorporate lots of good manure which is collected every fortnight and stockpiled in the paddock, until ready for use. It is like gold to the garden and helps retain our precious water and also provides the perfect environment for the earthworms, which the soil is abundant in. John built the shed for us to live in whilst our home was being built.
Little by little the garden has grown and seen many changes. There is now approximately 3 acres of garden to explore, all divided into separate rooms and each with its own distinct theme.
The first is very much formal in layout complete with arbours, elegant statues and a mass planting of white iceberg roses, flanked with red carpet roses. In this area there is a lovely spreading Poinciana under planted with bromeliads, which provides plenty of shade on a warm day. We call this the "Poinciana Area".
There is also a Japanese garden, where the red oriental bridge is situated. This is a must for some great photos, wedding, family etc.
On the western side of the property is the Native garden, where all plants are well chosen for their ability to withstand the heat and the dry. Grevilleas and bottlebrush which help to bring in the birds. It is also good to see how native plants combine so beautifully with cottage style blooms on the borders.
To the South is our rainforest walk, and it is another fine place to escape the summer heat under the shady canopy of tall established palms where you are surrounded by layers of lush understorey plantings. Here we have a resident dinosaur, so beware !!!
The rotunda is just another one of the beautiful structures spotted through out the garden, and this is one of our more popular settings for your special day. It is situated in the middle of a water lilied pond via a Monet style bridge. We call this our "Rotunda Area".
 "The Native Hut Area", situated at the top of the stairs in the Rotunda Area. Here we have a walkway out into the middle of a pond.
Our most recent addition is the"little country chapel" complete with camphor laurel furniture. It is great for a small wedding of approximately 60 people. The leadlight windows consist of native birds and flowers, which bring the feeling of the country inside.
The vegetable patch, which is surrounded by a white picket fence, takes you back in time,as it is located near the little cottage, which has a rocking chair on either side of the veranda. In here we have added both chook manure and horse manure to the soil for years, and it certainly pays off with loads of amazing delicious vegies, and soil that is absolutely teaming with life.

The name "JONCIA" has derived from joining both our names together "John and Marcia".
At Joncia Gardens there is plenty to look at. You won't be disappointed. When you need a venue for that special occasion, please call John and Marcia Rivett. Our wedding package are available on our site.