Frequently Asked Questions

Q If I cancel, do I get my deposit back?    
A The deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancelation on your part.

Q Is alcohol permitted?
A  Alcohol is only permitted on the grounds for  toasting of the Bride and Groom.

Q Is food permitted?
A No food is permitted on the grounds.

Q Do I need to book for a rehearsal?
A Rehearsals are available free of charge for a period of 1 hour and must be made BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Q How long is our booking time?
A The duration of your booking is for 2 hours from when you advise us of your start time.

Q Can I just have photos here?
A Yes photos can be taken here, but in the event of a wedding on that day, then the wedding takes priority.

Q Is there a limit to how many guests I can invite?
A The garden has no restrictions, but the Chapel can only hold 70, seating for 60 and 10 standing.

Q What happens when it rains?
A We have 4 lovely areas in the event of inclemant weather. 1 Lovers Lane . 2 The little bush chapel. 3 our All weather area with the red bridge.4  Another recent addition is our lovely Diner.

Q Where does the bridal party park?
A We put a sign to let people know that that certain entry is for Bride's car only. We also put signs for "Guests parking".

Q Where do my guests park?
A If you have your ceremony in the front garden, then your guests park in the front car park. If your ceremony is in the Chapel or the Lovers Lane area, then you park in the Chapel Car Park.

Q Can I have photos anywhere in the garden after my ceremony?
A Yes you can, as long as there is no other wedding in the garden.

Q Am I the only wedding in the timeframe I have chosen?
A No, but we do  keep weddings in different areas at different times. The areas are set quite away from one another, so that there is no interference from the other wedding.

Q Can I decorate the arch myself?
A Yes, decorations will be discussed upon booking.

Q What colours do you have for my sashes/registry/pew bows.
A We have a selection of most colours, but again it will be discussed upon booking.

Q Can you help with choosing a celebrant and photographer?
A We have a selection of celebrants and photographers to choose from on our links page.

Q Are there toilet facilities handy?
A We have toilet facilities, which are wheel chair friendly. The Chapel / Lovers lane area  has it's own set of toilets and the front area also has toilets.

Q Can I throw confetti, rose petals, bubbles?
A We ask that nothing is thrown in the Chapel. Rose petals may be scattered outside as long as they are organic. All other areas are OK, as long as rose petals are organic.